Internet Pipes

Internet Pipes

Sift through the treasure trove of online data

Internet Pipes: Sift Through the Treasure Trove of Online Data


Opportunity is everywhere. Get the tools and knowledge to see it better than anyone else. Join 1,400+ others who have pre-ordered Internet Pipes, which officially launched on January 29th. You will receive: 📚 50,000+ written words and 🎬 15+ video tutorials that will teach you how to mine the goldmine that is the Internet. Learn how to spot trends, and evaluate, validate, and differentiate ideas using real data (not just intuition). 🤓 Targeted lessons on gleaning insights from some of the biggest websites in the world, from Google to Reddit to Twitter to Amazon to TikTok to Apple's App Store. 🛠️ A database of 80+ tools and counting that house data about what people want, including demos on how to use the top ones effectively. 🎁 A suite of bonuses, including tools that allow you to easily visualize and animate data, browser extensions that allow you to passively research, open-source datasets, recommended Twitter follows and newsletter subscriptions, ad libraries, research templates, and more. 🤝 A private Discord community with hundreds of fellow "internet sleuths" to discuss and share tools that are stumbled upon. This will be the first place I'll share any future finds and encourage others to do the same! 📆 A community calendar featuring select AMAs with the builders behind great tools and a few IRL events in key cities. 📈 An evolving collection of ideas and trends that have surfaced through these tools. Plus, for the My First Million stans out there, I'll include all of my prior research documents that I'm asked for so often. 👩 Early adopters will get access to an interactive live cohort starting on February 1st that will allow you to review the material with Steph and other "internet sleuths". Internet Pipes uses a tiered pricing model in which the price increases as more people buy the product. The current tier is $400 and will rise over time. 100% refund policy if you're not satisfied. No questions asked.

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